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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayers for a Bro

Got a text last week from Eddy 'carebear' Piez, "Bench had motorcycle accident @ herman hospital downtown critical condition". Eddy's an old friend from way back and also a rider.

Not the kind of news a friend and rider ever wants to hear about another friend and rider. News of riders, perfect strangers, going down always bums me out. But when it's someone I know, in this case, someone I've known since middle school, it's really unsettling to me. K Bench has always been a big brawney fella. I can't say we we're real tight but we always knew each other and he's always been cool to me. Even during our midgit gang wars, usally between different ethnic groups; whites, mexicans, blacks, and asians, or when rumbles erupted between different cliques; heads, jocks, breakers, etc., we never clashed. The best throw-downs were always with outsiders though, other schools in the district. In those times, our differences were set aside, school/turf pride set in, and we were raging Mustangs (our school mascot).

I met up with Bench again just in the past year thanks to Eddy. Found out he's now married and runs a towing business with a small fleet of trucks. He also told me he was riding a Harley nowadays and we spoke of getting together sometimes. Never came round to it.

The story is Bench was riding along some nice open country roads with a few other riders, his wife was with him. Out from a gravel side road comes flying a young fella on an all terrain vehicle (4 wheeler I guess). With no time to react, Bench T-boned the crossing vehicle. Luckily, his wife was wearing her helmet, he didn't have his on. It's been nearly a week and he's still sedated. Doctors are planning to facial reconstruction on him but it's still too soon to begin. He's still in pretty bad shape. My prayers go out to the Bro and his family.

Keep the chrome up and the rubber down bros!