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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Somethin' More?!?!?!

Boy, another long day surfing the web…such hard work. And, as usual, nothing coming up under Asian American Bikers/Motorcyclists. I’ve always known that there was but a handful of us but this is ridiculous. A search for Asian American blogs brought up your usual suspects, Asian Nation, Angry Asian Man, Disgrasian, Slant Eye for the Round Eye, Gold Sea, etc., etc. Don’t get me wrong, I find these blogs quite entertaining and informative, they just tend to lean towards the yuppy bourgiose policitally correct taste. Personally, I think the stereotypical “asian” image is quite worn out. I’m in search of alternative lifestyles here, the whole chess geek, computer nerd, kung fu fighting, me love you long time thing is played out. Especially the college coffee bar chit chat scene….personally, been there and done that (better believe it). How about an Asian American tattooist, rock musician, chopper builder…um…we got at least one of those already (Chica out of Huntington Beach, CA), someone who’s breaking the ol’ mold.