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Monday, April 13, 2009

Daniel in Phuket, Thailand

Talk about lucky. Daniel just happenned to be on his honeymoon in Thailand during, you guessed it, Phuket Bike week. From the pics and stories he had, he and his new bride had a truly amazing time. From Phi Phi Island to Nicky's Handle Bar, it all sounded like a great trip.

Before leaving for their trek to Southeast Asia, D 'n' K got hitched in San Antonio, TX....and would you believe it, by pure coincidence, their wedding took place during the River City Rally weekend in SA. Though we were not able to attend the Rally, the sights and sounds of bikes rumbling around throughout the weekend added a special flavor to our, otherwise, formal occasion.

True to a rider's fate, during the actual ceremony on the terrace of the Rio Plaza, some unseen biker reves his bike and the roar echoes through the downtown streets of San Antonio....ah, music to my ears, I sat there smiling to myself as our Daniel prepares to step forward into the future with a great young lady.

I repeatedly joke with D about the coincidence of his wedding and honeymoon occurring during bike rallies from one side of the world to the other. He grins and shrugs it off but I'm telling ya, there's something to all of this.....

His visit to Nicky's HandleBar was also exciting to me. I've been aware of the HandleBar for quite some time though I've yet had the pleasure of traveling there. Evidenlty, Nicky's is a very popular spot in Phuket, probably the only biker oriented bar in the whole area. D tells me there were many european patrons at the bar, but, the owners were an American couple. The husband was back here in the States at the time but the wife was a very nice lady and great hostess.

In fact, she's the one who hooked him up with official Phuket Bike Week shirts even before the stalls were up and running.

All in all, his visit only re-enforces my determination that sooner or later, I myself will make my trek across the ocean and pay a visit to Phuket during Bike Week.