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Thursday, January 31, 2008

MCs of Asia

The letters MC sewn on a biker's leather or denim jacket, more often than not, conjure up images of 1%ers living on the edge, above the law, hell bent on mayhem and mischief. This may be true, at least for 1% of the motorcycle riding population, but for most of us, though our love for riding, the road, and the wind is no less than that of our 1% counterparts, our daily lives are not much different to that of the gen pop. Whether we are weekend warriors, rubs (rich urban bikers), or daily commute riders, whether we have long hair, thick beards, leather, and tattoos, or drink, smoke, and party hardy, can’t change the fact that our commitments, accountabilities, liabilities, and ambitions have us so intertwined within conformed society that, like it or not, we are definitely part of the masses as a whole.

However, if you love riding your iron horse, there’s a spark of rebel somewhere inside you. Hell, for many of us, it’s more than a spark, it’s more like a “controlled” fire raging inside. We have a general distaste for conformity, confinement, and restraint. Our hearts yearn to be free, if only for a while, from the routine of daily life. Unfortunately and ironically, it’s our own insatiable want for more, more, more…more toys, more material possessions, more money and power, that tightens the grip on the very constraints we grow weary of...kinda like struggling when you're wearing 'crazy 8s'.

Just a little reminder boys and girls, sis and bros, “the winner of the rat race is still a rat”

Nomads, Gypsies, Outlaws, Bandits, Mongols, Pirates, etc. are all terms that describe groups throughout the history of man who’ve lived outside of society’s realm, defying society’s rules and standards, rebels against conformity….men who raged against the machine. It’s no wonder many of these terms are now used to represent many MCs throughout the world today.

While on a rant about MCs and all, check out some of the motorcycle clubs from the far East. I checked out some of their sites and as with other MCs around the world, they are all different from one another. We’re not just talking geography here, you can just check out their sites and see that they vary, just as any other ethnic groups of MCs, in their structure, purpose, and culture. Some seem definitely more on the fringe and others seem more social and family oriented.







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