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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Asians - the driving experience!

Ever got cut-off by an Asian driver (usually older person) coming out of nowhere? Ever had one just come to a stop, put on their signal, and try to change lanes in “moving” traffic? Or have one ignore your proper attempt (signal and everything) to merge over to their lane? If you ever lived in or visited a densely populated Asian community here in the U.S.; Chinatowns, Vinatowns, etc. your answer would most likely be "yes", to at least one, if not all of the questions above.

Does this mean that Asians are naturally “bad” drivers? That Asians behind the wheel are callous and even rude? Do Asian drivers naturally think they “own” the road? For those of you who’ve been subjected to the Asian driving experience, as depicted above, I’m sure the accusations have crossed your mind and maybe even escaped your lips. Before we all jump at the opportunity to slam ‘those bad driving Asians’ with another stereotypical trait…let’s give the situation a closer look.


Now, by no means do I propose that this is some sophisticated scientific study that produces substantial and indisputable facts…not at all. I’m just trying show a different perspective. Maybe, just maybe, some of these folks, especially the ones old enough to have lived a good part of their lives, up to this point, on foreign shores, are driving the only way they’ve known how. The clips clearly show rules of the road are quite different elsewhere…more like a survival of the fittest regiment.

True, true…they live here now and must learn to adhere to our laws and regulations. I agree wholeheartedly. However, until you’ve been placed in a foreign place, with foreign rules, foreign customs, and foreign peoples, assimilation is “just” a word, and as with most words, always easier said than done. Once again, I’m not looking to make excuses for these folks, I’m just trying to account for the “nature” vs “nurture” theory. The clips show that, if anything, Asians are pretty “good” drivers…to maneuver around all "that" and make it from point A to point B deserves a little recognition…no?

Here's another Utube clip to check out -


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