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Friday, June 6, 2008

Asian Bikers - Highs and Lows

A little update on what's going on with the Thunder from under, under the southern "heat" that is.

The last few of rides we had were, unfortunately, filled with drama.

On a ride to the beach one weekend (I was not on this ride), the crew ran into a little road rage from a cager. He was changing lanes and did not spot one of the riders. This must've spooked him out holy and rattled his nuggets cause as soon as he was exited off the freeway and onto the feeder road (nice and far away), he proceeded to waive his gun, yes his gun, out the windows at the guys, who were all still caught up in the bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate. Fortunately for the a-hole, he was just having a kiddy tandrum and really had no balls to approach them close up. He eventually came to his senses and realized that they weren't running scared, but had pulled over on the shoulder...just waiting for him to make his move.

I have to honestly say that I was relieved to hear that nothing heavy went down. After all, we're cruising to have a good time, not to make trouble. I wished one of the boys would've gotten this guy's plates, I'd definitely report his sorry ass to the police. Here in Texas, if you have a CHL (conceal handgun license), you can carry protection, however, pulling out your piece and waving it around in public for no apparent reason is a "no no" and he would've found himself in a real bind with the law. More than that, any fool who pulls out his gun just to try and intimidate people are just idiots with a death wish. Had he started heading towards the guys in the same threatening manner, waving his gun and all, his family would be mourning his demise by now. I don't say that arrogantly, not at all, but he was out gunned, out manned, and in his irrational state, probably couldn't hit a cow 20 feet away let alone calm collective people watching his every move.

Then, about three weeks back, 9 of us got together for a run up to the NW side where some nice curvy roads run between lots of shady trees awaited...wouldn've been great...except Little Big Man's chop wouldn't start up at the gas station where we were all topping off for our ride. Somehow, the starter, cables and all, were fried.

I tell ya, though we love the custom bikes/choppers, they're pretty much just for show. I can't tell you how many rides have been ruined because those "pretty little things" decide to clunk out. You like good long rides, you really want to ride and not "just for show", you need to stick with a cruiser, not necessarily are Harley, but a cruiser, any make, will prove more reliable than any "show boat" chopper. Trust me, I personally know at least a dozen dudes with a custom bike and not one of them can't honestly tell you they're more of a pain in the ass than they're worth.

Then, this past weekend, 7 of us went on a night cruise downtown, just a neon nite run. Well, halfway into our cruise and look who's company we encountered,yep, five-O, johnny law, the fuzz, jellies, what have you. Crazy Horse was riding tail gunner and got pulled over for supposedly running a red. Our friendly local law enforcement officer immediately began preaching about how Crazy Horse's pipes were "too" loud, that his radio (yeah, he's got a hell of a jam system with 6 speakers, amps and all) was blasting, that the led lights on his bike was a distraction to the cagers, blah blah blah.

The good news is, other than being a little bit of a public nuissance, CH was not breaking any laws or even committed the traffic violation he was pulled over for. So, after some expected harassment and threats to have us all towed in for pulling over (well over 100 feet from where Crazy Horse was pulled over), CH was allowed to mount his iron horse and proceed with a "firm" warning. All in all, I guess we can't complain since the last time we encountered the law, two of us were awarded nice invites for donations to the courts.

Oh well, I guess it all comes with the territory. Anyways, once again, as you know, Asian Bikers are a definite minority amongst minorities, we're a rare breed...but that's part of the appeal, know what I mean.

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Jenny Gonzales said...

OK. So reading this last blog has led me to my firm decision to not let Shane purchase a bike any time soon. And when or IF he does, he'll have to ride with extreme caution with you crazy Asian Riders! What with breaking down, facing gun challenges and nice meetings with Mr. Law, I don't know if I really like the idea of my husband playing with you bad influences! :)